The Shortbread Company

It all began a very long time ago when she used to bake for her family, and her three children would always say to her, “Mom, you should sell this stuff!”

A career-driven Mom, who commuted from Cobourg to Toronto for over thirteen years working in sales, decided one day she had had enough of the rat race, and started taking her baked goods to the local Farmers’ Market.

She has been an entrepreneur now for over 15 years and within that time she has become famous for her lemon, lime and dark chocolate, toffee and pecan shortbread cookies. The lemon and lime shortbread cookies are an iced shortbread cookie and her top seller amongst the citrus lovers. The dark chocolate, toffee and pecan are favourites for the chocolate and cappuccino lovers. She calls that one “everything you need in just one bite.” Her new flavours have come to light in the past few months, Raspberry, Lime with Kampot Pepper , Dark chocolate with Kampot Pepper and Dark chocolate with Fleur de Sel.

The Shortbread Company is a female driven company creating handmade shortbread for those with a curious palate.