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Board of Directors

Amanda Solmes: Chair
Amanda returned to her hometown of Campbellford 3 years ago to pursue passions in sustainability, food, and agriculture. She has a Bachelor of Business and experience leading projects and committees. Working towards a master’s in environmental studies, she is also an avid writer, strategist, and philosopher, and works part-time as a researcher in various fields of environment, business, and education.

Sandra Chapman: Secretary and Treasurer
Sandy held a 40-year career in management and human resources and is well connected within the community. Sandy is also active with the Campbellford & District Curling & Racquet Club, Friends of Ferris Provincial Park, and Westben Festival Arts Centre which is a local cultural and entertainment venue.

Joan Sheppard: Programming Coordinator
Joan is a life-long resident of Trent Hills. She brings creativity, ideas, and passion to promote all things local. Joan spent 2010-2015 on the board of the Aron Theatre Co-operative, where she also chaired the marketing committee. She was active in the Campbellford BIA downtown revitalization committee and has been a strong advocate for the local arts community. She spent her career in various areas of counselling, health, and farming.

Kathy Chamberlain: Sponsorship and Community Liaison
Kathy is a registered physiotherapist and owner/operator of her independent practice. She moved from Toronto 7 years ago to enjoy the beauty of Trent Hills and is now a well-connected advocate within our community. She is on the board of the Campbellford-Seymour Community Foundation, a member of the Campbellford BIA, and a strong supporter of local businesses.

Barbara Jack-Hobart: Vendor Advisor
Barb was a school teacher for 18 years before leaving to run her husbands busy surgical practise. She is the organist and choir director of St. John’s United Church, active with Westben Festival Arts Centre, and a pinnacle of the Campbellford music community.

Committee Members

Kwame Grant – Vendor Coordinator
Jodi Carr – Social Media Guru and Photographer
Dana Harrison – Graphics and Digital Design
Ray Kies – Entertainment Coordinator
Emilio Ojeda – Demo Stage Coordinator
Ruth Flemming – Farm Tour Coordinator
Kim Davidson – Children’s Tent Coordinator
Rachel Whitton – Vendors and Operations Committee Member
Jen Vanbenthem – Marketing, Print Media, and Ag Ed
Joanna Easby – Farm Tour and Ag Ed
Sandy Pinkerton – Volunteer
Bonnie Pronk – Volunteer

Volunteer with the Incredible Edibles Festival

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our 2019 team. Please contact us if this might interest you!


General: asolmes@gmail.com

Vendors: kwamedotcom@live.com

Entertainment: rkies@sympatico.ca

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