Good food and good people.

A Rich History

There are many unique and interesting food and farming operations that are thriving and growing within Campbellford and Trent Hills, and until recently, there has been limited awareness of these growing trends.  In 2013, a group of women got together around a farm kitchen table to find a way to change that, and bring visitors to town.  The mandate of the festival that was born at that table.

Incredible Edibles was to celebrate our local food growers and all things related to that. And as a result, it would bring visitors to town, boost the economy and bring and expand awareness about the unique and relevant things we’re doing to people living well beyond our own township. Because of this mandate, an event like this was also bound to help other sectors as well – stores in town, accommodations, restaurants etc.  The hope was that it would be a win-win for everyone.

In the first year it had 22 vendors situated on Front Street (closed to traffic for the Festival), and including the park space adjacent to the Trent Canal. It had workshops, live music and a full day of children’s activities creating a festival for people of all ages. Our goal was to find vendors with unique things to sample and sell and we believe we achieved that with such things as Bison burgers, goat cheese chocolates, gourmet shortbread cookies and much more. We wanted to create a festival where visitors could sample delicious and unique foods, while learning from experts about things like preserving, cheese making and more.

On the first morning we thought if we could attract a few hundred visitors we’d have succeeded and built a strong foundation. But we were shocked and delighted when nearly 3,000 people turned up! Clearly we had struck a chord with local residents and tourists.

Volunteer with the Incredible Edibles Festival

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