Vintage ACT

Ashley Townsend is the imagination and life behind Vintage ACT, where she designs and creates custom and ready-to-wear clothes for children of all ages – which can include adults, because do we ever really grow up?

With two young girls of her own, who have their own preferences, style and a mind to dress themselves (sometimes multiple times a day!), Ashley finds all the inspiration she needs right at home. Tired of the endless lines of ultra modern, ultra neutral kids clothes flooding the local markets – and which her girls want nothing to do with – Ashley was propelled to create clothes that match her daughters vibrant and quirky personalities!
Her love of vintage clothes and the detail, quality and volume of fabric in which they are made (often by great aunts who spent hours hand smocking yokes) has given Ashley a direction in her mission to provide mothers with a product that has the same kind of high quality, volume and statement that these garments of old possess!

Whether it’s vintage florals, retro silhouettes, that fabric in the back of your grandmother’s closet, they are ever present in her collections. Consisting mostly of natural woven fibres such as cotton and silk, she makes an effort to use vintage or recycled fabrics as often as possible in an effort to save them from the landfill. Ashley’s goal is to provide families with a local clothing option that is ethically made, designed to grow with your child, and meant to be saved and handed down for generations!