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IncrEdible Winter Feast Fundraiser, Saturday March 13, 2021

Get your tickets before midnight on Tuesday March 9th!

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That Little Pub                                                                              Appetizer: Fingerling potato salad with micro greens, sunflower sprouts, aged cheddar, smoked tomato vinaigrette.  Entrée: Oyster mushroom risotto finished with shaved parmesan & chive oil. Dessert: Smoked Frangelico creme brûlée.

Caper’s Taphouse                                                                         Appetizer: Vegetable Samosa. Two pastries stuffed with potatoes, peas and spices. Served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.  Entrée: Chukandar Ki Sabzi (beet root curry), featuring local beets, onions, garlic, potatoes with ginger herbs and spices. Served with coconut infused Basmati rice and pappadum.  Dessert: A special dessert provided by Centre & Main – Ginger & apple spice cake with an Ice Hole Stout chocolate caramel topping.

Antonia’s Bistro                                                                             Appetizer: Cheddar and Exotic Local Mushroom Soup.  Entrée: Southern Italian-Style Rabbit Stew. Slow cooked in red wine with Italian sausage, olives and rosemary served on Tagliatelle pasta.  Dessert: A special dessert provided by Centre & Main – Ginger & apple spice cake with an Ice Hole Stout chocolate caramel topping. 

McGillicafey’s Pub & Eatery                                                        Appetizer: Vietnamese Style Fresh & Zesty Spring Rolls (2). Featuring a medley of local grown vegetables, herbs and chicken. Served with a side of tangy zesty peanut dipping sauce.*  Entrée: Ginger Beef & Pepper Stir Fry. Vietnamese inspired, featuring local beef and vegetables tossed in a flavourful sweet and tangy sesame ginger soy sauce. Served over rice noodles with a Sweet & Tangy Cucumber Salad.*  Dessert: Sweet Thai Sticky Rice & Peaches. Sweet & saucy coconut sticky rice topped with Ontario honey peaches and gooseberries.    *vegetarian or vegan option available   

Be Entertained, Virtually!

Learn the heartfelt story of 4 Acres Hydroponics through a live interview with Brad and Kristin Bell.

Watch video backgrounds of all 4 restaurants + Centre & Main.

Join us for a community check-in and a live update of what we’re up to with a 30 minute Zoom call.

Prepare to be entertained and awestruck by celtic dance and fiddler folk family “The Fitzgerald’s”, a high-energy performance live recorded from The Barn at Westben.

Watch the concert on Westben’s youtube channel at 8 pm.  Await instructions to access 4 Acres interview + more via email.

How to get tickets

Each ticket is $40.  Meals are take-out style and will require you to pick them up from the restaurant of your choice during your designated time slot.  The Fitzgerald’s show is hosted from Westben’s youtube channel and links to all other entertainment will be sent to you via email, along with your pickup information.

To get your tickets, go to the |Get Tickets| page, fill out the form and then pay via email transfer.


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