Union Standard Company

Thank you for trying Union Standard Company’s Santa Muerte Fermented Hot Sauce!

Union Standard Company is a new business that launched Santa Muerte Fermented Hot Sauce as it’s first product in June of 2018. It took three years of experimentation and testing to create this sauce using processes modelled after the craft of wine making. The chilis spend many months in barrel fermentation and are later blended with the bare minimum of the remaining ingredients to balance out the flavor of the chilis themselves. This allows for the beautiful essence of the fruit to stand out in taste, scent and color. Also, as fermentation is a preservation technique it keeps from having to use any additional additives, making Santa Muerte Fermented Hot Sauce all natural.

Union Standard Company works exclusively with local farmers to grow and supply the fruit, and produces the sauce in a small farmer-built facility that supports small food production companies like us to get on the market. This has allowed farm-to-table production within a hundred miles of Union Standard Company.

The intention behind the creation of Santa Muerte Fermented Hot Sauce was not to be the hottest pepper sauce you have ever eaten, but to allow all of the natural heat and sweetness of our favorite fruit to be in the foreground, thus our motto of ‘Strength, Purity, Flavor’.

I sincerely hope y’all enjoy it.

Thank you,

Darin Scott