Stone Bridge Farm Sweet & Saucy Company

Stone Bridge Farm Sweet and Saucy Company hail from farm country in Lyndhurst Ontario and are proud producers of Beer Belly Jelly, a jelly made with our local craft beer for your cheese and cracker tray or charcuterie board. Beer Belly Jelly comes in Original, Red Pepper, Jalapeno, Butt Burner and our newest flavour, Roasted Garlic. Think outside the box and glaze meat, wings, put it on a sandwich or make a salad dressing with it. We can share 25 other ways to enjoy our Beer Belly Jelly, so be sure to stop by our table and sample.

We also make a host of other seasonal jams, jellies and preserves. We like to do things a little different; Apple Pie N’ Bourbon Jam, Cranberry Red Pepper Jalapeno Jelly, Raspberry Balsamic and Chocolate Covered Strawberries Jam just to name a few. We are definitely not your grandma’s jam, and we only use 1/4 of the sugar of regular jams, so you don’t even need to feel guilty. Hot Damn Habanero Hot Sauce, Aloha Beer BBQ Sauce, Damn Good Salsa.. We do a little bit of everything…

We love to talk about our products and offer samples of everything.. Can’t wait to meet you..